[Kamikochi in Japan Alps] Kamikochi Shokudo (restaurant); The regional Japanese cuisine matches the season; fresh mountain vegetables in Spring, locally-produced salads in the Summer, Kinoko mushrooms in Autumn

Kamikochi Shokudo

  • • 1st floor: souvenir shop / 2nd floor: restaurant, shop
  • Kamikochi Set Meal

    Contents may vary according to the season.

    Kamikochi Set Meal ¥1,550


    Various types of food available as well as the Kamikochi Set.

    For more details, please see this Menu.

Kamikochi Shokudo                      上高地食堂
Kamikochi, Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano, 390-1516 Japan (Map)
TEL 0263-95-2039 FAX 0263-95-2048
Open from April 17 to November 15
Opening hours: 6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (may differ according to the season)
Contact details during the winter: Alpine Tourism Section, Azumi Branch Office, Matsumoto City

Menu for group tours

Contents may vary according to the season.

• Shokado Bento (box lunch)

Shokado Bento A ¥1,300

Shokado Bento B ¥1,620

Shokado Bento C ¥2,160

For more details, please see this For Tour Groups.

• Take-out Bento box (examples)
Onigiri Rice Balls from ¥950
(Reservation required)

Souvenir Shop

souvenir shop

For great souvenir ideas try the "Cheese Club" (exclusive to the Kamikochishokudo Restaurant) and "Kappa Yaki" (shaped like a Kappa, the famous Kamikochi water imp).

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