Kamikochi Alpine Hotel

Dinner (menu varies depending on the season)


     Three-tiered Bento box (¥1,620)

Shokado Bento box (¥3,240)

A la carte set meal

Shinshu Salmon Rice Bowl

Bukkake Soba

Tororo Soba

Package deals

Great Deals for advance reservations: bargain set including bath and lunch
Group tour Menu for just 2 people. Only available when booked in advance. Moreover, this bargain set also includes a bath ticket. Apply by e-mail or fax.

¥2,160 pack includes bath ticket & Triple-tiered Bento box (usually ¥1,620)
Free bath ticket with all purchases of Bento boxes of ¥2,000 and more

(This deal is only available to independent travelers)
Lunch time: 11:30 to 13:30
Bath available: AM7:00 - 10:30 PM12:00 - 14:30

Menu for Group tours [reservations required]

• Triple-tiered Bento box

¥1,620 Top-tier: White Rice

Mid-tier: Soboro Tamago (minced meat and eggs), Nozawana Pickles and Kombu Seaweed, Shiso-flavored Nagaimo Yam, pan-fried Amago trout, Soba (buckwheat noodles) and Hanamame Beans, freeze-dried Tofu, boiled Eggplant, Satsuma Age (fried fish cake) with Vegetables, stir-fried Butterbur, Wasabi Miso

Bottom-tier: Sanzokuyaki (Local specialty fried chicken)

Soup: Udon Noodles with Wild Vegetables

(Minced meat contains beef and pork)

• Triple-tiered Bento box

¥2,160 Top-tier, Mid-tier, Bottom-tier, Soup: Same as above.

Separate: Iwana Char Fish fried in salt

• Shokado Bento box

¥3,240 Iwana Char Fish fried in salt, Raw Horsemeat, Satsuma Age (fried fish cake) with Bamboo shoots, Steamed Dumpling (contains Nozawana pickles and minced meat), Shiso-flavored Nagaimo Yam, Highland Hanamame Beans, Buckwheat Dango Dumplings, Frankfurter Sausage containing Wasabi, Boiled Rainbow Trout, Butterbur, Yamaudo (mountain vegetable), Matsutake Mushroom Rice, Wasabi Daikon Radish, Kinoko Mushroom Tempura, Tororo sticky Soba noodles
(Minced meat contains beef and pork)

• Kaiseki Lunch Banquet

¥4,320 Aperitif: Mountain Wine
Starters: Assorted seasonal delicacies appetizer
Shinshu Salmon Sashimi (raw fish with Wasabina leaves)
Shinshu Steak with Wasabi Miso Sauce
Collagen jelly wrapped in vegetables
Boiled Pork with dressed Highland Lettuce
Japanese-style Risotto with Shinshu Salmon
Vegetable Tempura and Herb-grilled Iwana Char Fish
Pickled Chicken (locally-reared) and Junsai (water shield leaf)
Miso Soup
White Rice
Nozawana and Turnip Pickles
Seasonal Fruit

* Content varies from month to month.
* The price includes consumption tax.
* For more details, please contact us.
* This Menu is for Tour Groups only.

Lunch menu
(only available on weekends, public holidays and throughout August)

• A la carte set meal

¥3,000 Roasted Shinshu Steak, Eggs, sticky Yamaimo (mountain yam)
Side dish
Mountain Vegetable Soup

• Shinshu Salmon Rice Bowl

¥1,500 Shinshu Salmon Rice Bowl with pickles, Side dish, Mountain Vegetable Soup, Dessert

• Bukkake Soba/Udon

¥1,000 Chilled Soba/Udon noodles with Soup and a topping containing Mountain Vegetables, Onsen Tamago (boiled egg), Yamaimo (mountain yam), Nameko Mushrooms
Side dish
Mountain Vegetable Rice

• Tororo Soba/Udon

¥1,000 Hot Soba/Udon noodles with Soup and a topping containing sticky Yamaimo (mountain yam)
Side dish
Mountain Vegetable Rice

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